Sean Robinson

Responsible Manager, Solantis, LLC

Sean Robinson has spent over 27 years providing exceptional IT services to the public and private sectors. He founded AMS Technologies in 2010 and concentrated on providing superior information technology engineering and management services with a focus on IT infrastructure services. Under Sean’s leadership, AMS’s services expanded to include comprehensive IT Software Development, IT Network Modeling, Engineering, and Design, and Program Management bringing about a 125% increase in company revenue.

In 2018, AMS entered into an SBA approved Mentor-Protégé relationship with Technica Corporation and subsequently created a joint venture (JV), Solantis, in 2021. With Solantis, Sean has continued his commitment to customer satisfaction, of providing customer focused solutions, utilizing leading edge technologies, and fostering a dynamic group of professionals.

Sean holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineer from Morgan State University, a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and an Executive MBA from Loyola University Maryland.

Lori Beckert

Director, Technology Solutions and Business Services/SEWP Program Manager, Technica Corporation

Lori Beckert leads the Technology Solutions and Business Services division at Technica, where she spearheads strategic OEM partnerships and oversees a dynamic team dedicated to supporting the company's growth initiatives. With two decades of experience in serving public sector clients, Lori has honed her expertise in various facets of business operations, from accounting and purchasing to sales operations and program management. 

Within Technica, Lori's multifaceted role involves orchestrating the business development process for Technology Solution opportunities, crafting marketing and vendor relations strategies, and ensuring seamless alignment between business development efforts and engineering objectives in accordance with vendor strategies. 

Prior to her tenure at Technica, Lori held esteemed General Manager positions across diverse retail enterprises and other business environments, accumulating a wealth of experience in delivering exceptional customer service. Her background underscores a commitment to excellence and a proven track record of driving organizational success through strategic leadership and operational acumen.